Eye Floaters Solution: Facts and Easy Remedies

By | August 22, 2017
Eye Floaters Solution

Eye Floaters Solution

Our eyes are the windows to our souls, they say. Poetry and metaphors aside, it is indeed, our source of vision and many of us these days have our visions impaired way before we reach the peak of our glory years. Sometimes it comes in the form of eye floaters which are spots moving through your field of vision. But there’s no need to fret. This article entails easy remedies and eye floaters solution that may help you deal the condition.

What are Eye Floaters?

People oftentimes disregard this and render it to be normal, which they are, in most cases. But lack of proper medical knowledge sometimes strips us of the chance to try eye floaters solution and easy remedies until it turns serious. Watch out for something black, gray and cobweb-like. They may also appear stingy, sometimes drifting whenever you blink or move your eyes and that, my friend, is not normal. Most of the time, these are brought about by aging. You might have noticed a substance sort of jelly-like and becoming all liquid. But if this appears a little more often and fast, you need to consult an eye-specialist and not wait until it becomes something more serious.

Fast Facts

Floaters have a way of taking on some shapes that quite rightfully alarms the average person. So that they are seek medical attention when the eye floaters is become more than noticeable. But odd as they are, they have a very benign explanation. At root, floaters are small imperfections in the vitreous humor, a normally clear layer of jelly-like material that fills the eye.

There are an awful lot of us who have these, with older populations having higher percentages and, for the most part, they’re benign. However, do not be so quick to brush it off as it most certainly also has the potential to become a bigger eye problem. When our vitreous humor becomes cloudy, it is easy for floaters to also cloud our field of vision. That is a problem and it becomes twice a problem when they tend to move with our eyes, turning into a visual disorder.


Then again, on other occasions, these are harmless. If you want to be sure, you might want to try a few natural remedies to help fight and prevent it.  There is a simple eye floaters solution for most cases of eye floater and that are, to ignore them. Not if you can’t seem to keep up with their sudden increase though. For the average person, floaters are nothing more than a nuisance, now and then.

Moving your eyes up, down, right and left helps make the floaters flick away from the center of where your field vision is. This is because we have the vitreous humor which makes the free-floating state work in your favor. Keep the momentum because the fast movement lets floaters concentrate away from your central field vision. After that they are pretty much easier to handle, although some people prefer using hyaluronic acid to really help clear it out. This type of acid has a reputation for a helpful and easier recovery after eye surgery, although it doesn’t have a proven track record.

Go Natural

Another eye floaters solution is to get enough rest. There is only so much our whole body can take and tiredness would take its toll on your eyes, thus making it strained and contributing to having floaters in eye. Having a good sleep and enough rest doesn’t have to be so underrated. It helps a lot, you know.

Limit your time in watching television. Prolonged and overexposure to the screen harms the eyes, and you probably already know that.

Do not read in poor light. If you are a bookworm or someone who has to do some late-night readings, for your vision’s sake, turn some light on. A lampshade wouldn’t hurt. And do the reading glasses, just to be on the safe side, if you know you need it.

Water. Water is life. This much is true. Drink lots of water and as it helps your body detox because floaters in the eye can be caused by accumulated toxins in the body.

Eat properly. Try eating food rich in antioxidants as this helps get rid of free radical damage that in turn, causes floaters in the eye. Foods that are high in antioxidants include blueberries, strawberries, pomegranate and fruits of the like, you get the point.

Try Yoga. Exercise. You might think this has nothing to do with your eyes but you will be surprised how stress can cause floaters in eye too, sometimes to the point of making it something that does need medical attention if ignored and brushed of continually.

Other eye floater solution and treatment

You may have heard of Acupressure. This is an effective natural way to improve eyesight – and you can easily perform it on yourself. Yes, that’s right. You can do this exercise yourself. Focus on the seven acupressure points around your eyes. Start at the corner, the one closest to your nose and go towards the brow, finally ending under the eyelids. Massage each of these points for a minimum of ten seconds and this will help heighten the circulation to the eyes.

Acupressure is pretty easy. It doesn’t need a pair of expert hands to perform and can be done regularly. Just spare a few minutes every day and you will be on your way to improving your eyesight. There are a few different exercises you can do for your eyes, the easiest of which, will be blinking. You create moisture, soothing the eyes, each time you blink.

Eye Floaters Solution

Eye Floaters Solution

Long Story Short

Before trying any type of cure that you are not familiar of, give it some careful thought. It wouldn’t hurt to follow the natural, easy eye floater solution though. Making it a part of your daily routine wouldn’t only help your vision but the whole of your body as well. Although we can’t all have and follow a strict, healthy lifestyle, working your way to some of these, will be better than ignoring the signs. You start eating healthy, get enough rest and exercise, you most definitely reap the rewards in the form of a vision that isn’t blurred and a body that is ready to take on and face the world every day.  Love your vision; see the beauty around your area.

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