What Causes Eye Floaters, Risk Factors and Treatment

By | August 20, 2017
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Floaters in the Eye- What Causes Eye Floaters, Risk Factors, and Treatment

Eye floaters refer to those tiny specks, cobwebs, and spots that drift around your field of vision. While annoying, spots, eye flashes and floaters in the eye are usually aren’t a cause for any alarm. But, what causes eye floaters? Spots and floaters normally appear when small pieces of the eyes vitreous break loose. When we are young, the vitreous tends to have a gel like consistency but as we grow old it begins to liquefy and dissolve to create a watery area.

When are eye flashes and eye floaters an emergency?

While noticing a few floaters is not a cause of concern, if you see a shower of spots and floaters accompanied by flashes of light you need to seek treatment. The sudden appearance of these signs may mean that vitreous is already pulling away. It could also mean that the retina is being removed from the back of the inner lining. If you have a large eye floater it can cast a shadow over your vision. However, this usually happens only on particular types of lights.

what causes eye floaters

What causes eye floaters

What causes eye floaters?

Most floaters in the eye are small spots of the protein known as collagen. They are part of a gel-like structure known as vitreous. As you grow old, the protein fibers shrink to only little shreds. The shadows that they cast are known as floaters. However, seeing flashes means that the vitreous has already pulled away. While these can occur at any age, they usually happen between 50 and 75. Eye floaters can mainly be caused by

· Age related changes- Most eye flashes and floaters in the eye occur due to age related changes. These changes occur in the vitreous which is a jelly like substance that fills your eyes and helps to keep them in shape. After some time, the vitreous liquefies and pulls away from the eyes’ interior. As it sags and shrinks, it clumps together and gets stringy. Some of this debris block the light that passes through and then cast a shadow on the retina.

· Torn retina- When a sagging vitreous tug, a retina tear can occur. Without proper treatment, retinal tears can lead to a detachment and accumulation of fluid causing it to separate from the back. If left untreated, this can lead to a permanent loss of vision.

· Inflammation in the back- Also known as posterior uveitis, this condition refers to the inflammation of the layers of the uvea. It may be caused by inflammatory diseases, infections among other causes. According to studies, inflammations come top when it comes what causes eye floaters.

· Bleeding- Bleeding in the eye can also have many causes including blood vessel problems and injury.

Risk factors

Here are some of the factors that can increase the risk of eye floaters

· Eye inflammation.

· Age over 50.

· Eye trauma.

· Diabetic retinopathy.

· Eye inflammation.

· Cataract surgery complication

How eye flashes and floaters in eye are treated

Most floaters in the eye don’t require any type of treatment. While they are an issue among healthy people, they are rarely a sign of any serious problem. If a floater is obstructing your vision you can simply roll your eyes up and down and from side to side to clear the debris. As the fluid shifts, the floaters will also shift.

However, floaters of the eye can impair your vision especially if the condition worsens. They may become so numerous and bothersome such that you will have a difficulty in seeing. If this happens, you need to seek some treatment.

If you are looking for the best natural eye floaters treatment then check this solution. By doing this you will also learn a lot about what causes eye floaters.

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